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About Me

"Storytelling is not what I do for a living - it is how I do all that I do while I am living."  
Donald Davis

Julie told stories before she even knew what a storyteller was. One of her favorite games to play as a child was to set up “stations” throughout the house and read or tell a story to her sister at every station. She would tell stories on long car rides, and as a camp counselor she learned quickly that storytelling was the easiest way to keep the kids’ attention.

It was during a college class on teaching Reading that storytelling caught her attention. Her professor did a whole lecture that day on storytelling, and she wondered if there was a class she could take on storytelling. There was! She took the theater class on storytelling at Brigham Young University, and was never the same again. She told stories as a school teacher for Timpanogos Elementary. She told stories for her children’s classes. She told stories whenever she could get the opportunity.

Julie telling a storySince becoming a professional storyteller, she has worked for the Salt Lake County library system, the Young Living Farm at their medieval village, the Riverton Arts Festival, the Medieval Faire at UVSC, Rosamond Elementary school, Utah Arts Festival, Medieval Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire; and the Utah County Fair. She loves the opportunity to share stories with others.

"No song lives until it is sung and heard. No story lives until it is told and heard."
- Ruth Tooze




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